About Dubreq

Company Profile

Dubreq Ltd is a British company dedicated to making exciting products in the musical instrument industry. Famous for the Stylophone, Dubreq Ltd was reformed in 2003, linked to the original Dubreq of the 60’s and 70’s.
With 4 million sales since its inception and counting The Stylophone has a massive cult following in the UK, Europe and the US and also has a fascinating history starting in 1968.
“A steady diet of compact, affordable, fun toys that can also be serious sound tools”.

Stylophone Brand

The Stylophone brand is one with significant history, the support of numerous famous names and one which Dubreq feel has the potential to grow in the coming years to become one of the best known names in small keyboards and synthesizers around the World.
Dubreq are now working to bring on board distributors and major retail chains in other territories around the World to establish the massively successful British brand as a global player in the miniature/low-cost synthesizer market.
New products are planned for the next year along with new promotions and marketing activities.

Distributors and Trade Enquiries

Dealers Wanted

Globally Dubreq are working with numerous bands and artists to raise awareness of the Stylophone products and using this as a platform to promote the product range. We have an active social media base and new and exciting products in our pipeline.

Increased Sales

2017 was a great year for the Stylophone. With a continued interest in retro nostalgia retail sales were strong - with one of our major retailers reporting a 400% increase in Stylophone sales last year.

Get Involved

Dubreq are seeking to work with distributors and retailers worldwide to grow the upcoming range of Stylophone products.  Our new range of synthesizers, starting with the new Stylophone Gen X-1 model, means its a great time to get involved.

If you are a dealer or distributor and want to get involved with one of the fast growing brands in the industry, contact us today.

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