Drum Machine

Stylophone Beatbox

Beatbox History

The Stylophone Beatbox is the first Stylophone percussion instrument. It was designed to make life more fun for fans of the world-famous Stylophone pocket synthesizer. Like the original Stylophone, the Stylophone Beatbox is a handheld electronic instrument. It features 13 pads on its circular play surface which, when touched by the stylus, trigger beat-inspiring sounds. Touch the stylus to any part of the circular keypad to trigger electronic drum samples, vocal beatbox samples from the UK’s beatbox champion MC Zani, or a synth bass line. Record and play in loop mode to create your own rhythm patterns. You can even change the loop tempo as it plays back.

British comedian Brett Domino has made great use of it alongside his beloved Stylophone synthesizer. Enjoy these hilarious musical medleys...

Beatbox In Action


  1. Sugar Hill Gang: “Rapper’s Delight” (cover) (01:12)
  2. House of Pain: “Jump Around” (cover) (02:13)
  3. DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince:
    “Boom! Shake the Room” (cover) (02:59)


  1. “SexyBack” (cover) (02:31)
  2. “Like I Love You” (cover) (02:10)
  3. “LoveStoned/I Think She Knows” (cover) (04:10)

Helpful Tips

How to get the best out of your Stylophone Beatbox.

Just messing around can be fun.

Play along to any of your favorite recordings when you plug in your MP3 player.

Or you can make live backing tracks using another instrument/looper!

Adding a few layers can make things even more interesting.

What happens when you plug your Beatbox into a delay effect unit and then mix in other instruments?

You might even try using an external looper for even more options.

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