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Synthesize Me!
John Simpson | 11 January

Synthesize Me! Hear @carouselartuk House Band explore technology and celebrate the work and techniques of pioneering British electronic musicians@daphneoram and @DeliaDDay The band used

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Just How Amazing Can a STYLOPHONE Sound?
John Simpson | 7 November

Awesome, absolutely awesome’ Here it is rigged up with a  ZOOM MS-70CDR

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“This has just gotta be the most fun you can have for £60. Wowza”
John Simpson | 30 October

Great Stylophone Gen X-1 review from Andertons Jack and Ben get down and dirty with the Stylophone Gen-X-1 “This has

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Stylophone Teardown With Tomorrow Lab
John Simpson | 23 October

Tomorrow Lab Hardware Innovation Studio in New York City  take the beast that is the Stylophone apart for their ‘Teardown!’

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Synthesize Me! Using the legendary Stylophone with learning disabled musicians
John Simpson | 2 October

Synthesize Me! Another great music project with the Youth Music Network and Carousel. Dubreq are pleased to be able to

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Stylophone Beatbox
Stylophone Beatbox Repackaged
John Simpson | 1 October

Portable Electronic Beats Machine has been repackaged! The baby beats machine now comes in a eye popping, colourful box with

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Dubreq Stylophone and Rhythmix
John Simpson | 5 September

Great to be involved with Rhythmix providing opportunities for music making to people in challenging circumstances. Really happy to help. https://rhythmixmusic.org.uk/about.html

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Stylophone and the Museum of Portable Sound
John Simpson | 20 August

Thank you The Museum of Portable Sound #Stylophone very happy to be part of the Physical Objects Collection! Contact: http://museumofportablesound.com

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Stylophone and Electronic Musician
John Simpson | 17 July

Thank you Electronic Musician ! Another great review! ⚡️ “A classic instrument that sounds better than ever” “It’s simply hard to resist the

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Magnetic Mag Review
John Simpson | 12 July

‘It’s capable of creating incredible textures and atmospheres that you just will not get anywhere else..’ Thanks Kane Michael

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